Research Toolkit

Having trouble getting started on a research project? The following are a few things scholars can consider when embarking on educational research.

  1. Formulating a research question
    1. Read about a problem or interest
    2. Find holes/gaps in the literature
    3. Ask a researchable question i.e. Not to broad, not too narrow
    4. Must have measureable outcomes

  2. Efficient literature review
    1. Go back not more than 10 years
    2. Argument to support or refute an idea
    3. Define constructs used in your study
    4. Keep looking until you’re seeing repeats in references

  3. Research design
    1. Variables (IV/DV)
    2. Experimental vs Observational studies
    3. Quantitative vs Qualitative

  4. Statistical analysis (brief descriptions of when and how to use)
    1. Descriptive (M, SD, freq, pct)
    2. Inferential (t-test and ANOVA, correlation, chi-square)
    3. Types of Data (ordinal, nominal, interval)

  5. Where/how to publish
    1. Medical Journal links
    2. Med-Ed Portal

  6. Resources at HSC
    1. Grants
    2. WVCTSI Assistance

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