A Place to Practice Before They Practice.

Our center gives students a unique opportunity to develop their skills in a safe, low-risk area. A student will often find themselves in STEPS within their first weeks of classes, and many times throughout their education. Hands-on learning, inter-professional collaboration and real-world environments give our students the edge they need.

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who practice in the STEPS center are often learning lifesaving skills often before they’ve opened a textbook in their classes. Our programs, combined with our technology and training materials, prepares them for responding to real world incidents.

Graduate Students

Continuing to enhance life-saving skills and refamiliarizing with guaranteed practices is essential in any health profession. At the simulation center our graduate students will continue to learn life saving techniques, get hands-on experience with technology they’ll use in patient care environments in a low-stakes environment.


Techniques change over time, and so do the best practices for patient care. Our simulation center provides practitioners a chance to learn new skills and new practices at their own pace. With advanced technology and qualified staff, our environment ensures our practitioners have access to the changing world of healthcare.

Simulation Certificate Program

The Faculty Development program at STEPS provides many opportunities for enhancing the teaching and scholarship activities of faculty from all disciplines. Three days of simulation instruction and activity are available in the Simulation Certificate Program.

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Standardized Patient Program

A Standardized Patient is a real person role-playing a realistic clinical situation to help healthcare students learn and/or evaluate clinical skills. They are people from the community who have indicated an interest and are accepted based on their communication skills.

SAGES Testing Programs

Learn about the FES, FLS, and FUSE programs.

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