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How do Medical Students learn to do sensitive exams and help patients feel comfortable?

In medical school, students are taught by individuals who have been trained to be teachers of these skills.  Our Male Urogenital Teaching Associates (MUTA) and female Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTA) learn the methods of proper examinations and patient communication so they can teach the students.  It is a unique program where teaching takes place while the student is practicing the skills on the instructor.

Who are GTA's and MUTA's?

  • Individuals who are able to learn and communicate medical information. Substantial training is provided.
  • Individuals who want to help future health professionals learn to be sensitive to the needs of all patients.
  • Individuals who are very comfortable with their own bodies and have a positive body image.
  • Women who have not had any of their female organs removed. (Uterus, ovaries, cervix, breasts, though previous lumpectomies are not a problem.)  Men with a normal prostate and at least 1 testicle.
  • Individuals who can provide verbal feedback to students in a sensitive and constructive manner.
  • Pay is $150/90 minute teaching session.

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A photo of Lee Ann Miller.
Lee Ann Miller, EdD, CHSE
West Virginia University
Assistant Director of Education, WV STEPS


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