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Clinical Skills Practice Labs (CSPL) A&B

Open labs with individual stations for patients, low fidelity manikins, or task trainers containing dual angle video recording, computer stations, ultrasound technology, and video screen.

Classroom A&B

Seating for 20+ individuals, projection equipment and white boards.

Sim 1-4

ICU room setup with live gasses, crash cart, high fidelity manikin, one way mirrors for observation; requires knowledge of manikin operation.

Debriefing 1&2

Seating for 8-12 with projection equipment and white boards; designed to debrief simulations.

Mother Child Suite

High fidelity birthing manikin, live gasses, and NICU setup.

Surgical Education Unit

Large table with video capability, Fundamentals of Laproscopic Surgery trainers, Virtual reality endoscopy, projection equipment and wet lab capability.

Physical Assessment Lab

Lab space with eye and ear trainer, a variety of heart sounds trainers, Virtual reality transesophageal echocardiogram technology and Anatomage virtual cadaver table.

Computer Lab

Ten stations for computer-based training and two projectors.

Exam Rooms 1-12

Individual rooms set up to mimic clinic setting with computer access and video recording.

Exam Hall

Computers for pre/post information and video camera control.

Proctor Station

Center monitoring location.

Promoting patient safety, improving health.

The David and Jo Ann Shaw Center for Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety is the primary simulation center at the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, Morgantown Campus. As such, we provide educational support for all of the schools within the health science community. Funding is supplied from the various schools through main line item budgets, as well as student lab fees.

Standardized Patient Program

A Standardized Patient is a real person role-playing a realistic clinical situation to help healthcare students learn and/or evaluate clinical skills. They are people from the community who have indicated an interest and are accepted based on their communication skills.

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