Center Use Policies

  • Learners should leave all unnecessary items in the lockers assigned by the university/institution, as appropriate.
  • Lockers within the STEPS facility are intended for use by learners not affiliated with the university/WVU Medicine, and are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • STEPS/WVU will not be held responsible for damage/theft of personal items.
  • No uncovered drinks are allowed in simulated clinical areas. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in close proximity to simulators or simulation equipment. 
  • No jacket, coats, school bags, or purses are to be placed on the beds or floor space. All personal items are to be left in the provided lockers or designated space. 
  • Pencil only; No pens allowed around manikins or task trainers. Never write or draw on the simulators because it will permanently remain on the skin. 
  • All equipment and supplies must be returned to the marked location.
  • Before leaving STEPS, all beds should be lowered and neatly made.
  • All medical sharps (needles, etc.) must be properly disposed of by the person using them.
  • Always treat and care for the simulators with respect, as you would a real patient. It is an expectation that all staff, faculty, instructors, and learners demonstrate professionalism when utilizing equipment and space within STEPS.

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